[Video] Man Dead And Buried For A Year Still Breaths After A Dig-out – Body Still Fresh

Man Dead And Buried For A Year Still Breaths After A Dig-out – Body Still Fresh

Everyday comes with its own mystery and that’s why the world is always full of surprises which seem to amaze many people.

I do not know how to classify this whether to call it Resurrection or a reincarnation, as a man confirmed dead and buried for a year is seen still breathing after digging out his grave yard.

According to reports, the dead man was mistakenly buried on another man’s land November last year but has recently raised litigation on the piece of land he was buried leading to the dig out of the Grave.

But to the surprise and amazement of the residents, the man buried a year ago is still breathing in his fresh body with no sign of decomposition.

This has really come in as a big miracle to the residents as they call it unprecedented.

Watch full video below;

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