3 Sweet Words Women Love To Hear From Their Men But Will Never Talk About Them

Words are  very powerful. They are the instruments of love that makes everything about the special persons our lives love and care for us.

Without words who would know your name or even ask you out?

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Just as every little  thing we say can seriously pain someone when they are negative, positive and warm gestured words have the power to transform a person’s sour day into an entirely happy one.

As a man, you should know how to use good words on your woman to make her feel the princess or queen that she is.

Now, let’s look at three 3  sweet words women love to hear from their men but they will never say it.

1.    I love you  every blessed day

This is a promising proclaiming of love that leaves your woman feeling good because your love for her is consistent.

2. I am so proud of you

As a man, you should  know how it feels to be your woman’s pride and how you feel when she says it to your hearing. You should also do this for her.

3. You are so beautiful, I can’t resist you

Ladies love being told they are beautiful, you should try to frequently remind her of her beauty.

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The above mention are the 3 sweet and powerful words every woman out there would want to hear from her guy.

So, I suggest you use them to put smiles on your woman’s face.

Kindly make your thoughts and opinions known in the comments box below.


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