2006 Miss Malaika Breaks The Internet With Bath Tub Photo.

2006 Miss Malaika Breaks The Internet With Bath Tub Photo.

Former Miss Malaika Ghana, Hamamat Montia has stormed the internet with a breath taking photo of herself in a bath tub. In the photo the former beauty queen was only covered in what appears to be a foamy water. She was also seen reading a book which seem to suggest that Hamamat is not just full of beauty but she is also of brains.
Hamamat Montia also took the opportunity to advise her fans to stay at home and continue loving themselves. Her stay home advice is obviously regarding the current covid-19 pandemic which requires that one stays away from public gatherings and personal contact to avoid the spread of the virus.

Sharing the photo on her official Instagram page, she wrote,

“Do you read deep or shallow #KingsandQueens ::
Stay home and love yourself 💜:
The best gift a woman can give herself is #Selflove
Don’t you ever stop making time to love yourself sis:
I love me some Hamamat time
Skin @hamamatafricanbeauty
Click Hamamat.com to shop
#hamamat #africa #sheabutter #worldwide #ghana #explore #tamale #accra”

The post has however generated a lot of controversy on social media. Some believe that the photo is not decent to be in the public eye. Other feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the photo and even applauded the 2006 Miss Malaika for being bold enough to have posted it.

Below are some comments;

“48 Laws of Power Sis❤”

“48 Laws of Power! 📖🤓”
😂😂😂 You sure you reading 📖?

48 laws of power 📖 👌🏾

Hamamat Montia Started as a model, she was elected Miss Malaika in 2006 and subsequently elected as “model of Africa Universe in 2007.” She is also an entrepreneur who sells shea butter, soap and other products handmade in Ghana
Hamamat also hails from Bolgatanga in the Upper East region of Ghana. She attended Achimota School. She is a 32-year-old mother of two daughters.

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